04 juillet 2023


Theorical Developments and Empirical Measurement of the External Costs of Pesticides.


Internalisation of external costs of pesticides is an option considered by some Member States as a valid policy action to reduce their use and limit their negative impacts on humans and on the environment. Research is needed to assess the feasibility and benefits of such an approach. The project should, (i) identify true external costs of pesticides, taking into account the direct impact on the operators and indirect impact on bystanders, residents, consumers and the environment, (ii) develop options/criteria for an effective and realistic system of taxes/levies on pesticides, (iii) study the potential support of incentives to implement the substitution principle to pesticides (preferred use of plant protection products with lower risks to human health and the environment) and, (iv) study the possible implementation and feasibility of such a system.

The project will contribute to the further development of market-based instruments to support the development and implementation of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides thematic strategy. In the preparation of the strategy, following detailed research and taking into due account the specificities of both pesticides supply and demand, the Commission finally considered that knowledge and instruments were not yet ripe to allow taxation to be part of the TS - this research should contribute to fill this knowledge gap.

Implication des chercheurs d'Aliss : Economic sustainability, biodiversity loss and socially optimal pesticide use (WP5). Eric Giraud-Héraud, Pierre Combris, Louis-Georges Soler et Pascale Bazoche.


Date de création : 03 juillet 2023